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The exciting new
action crime thriller
from author
Jon-Michael Foshee


Dirk Bishop has finally achieved the life he always wanted. He married his college sweetheart Amy, a promising assistant district attorney, and his career is thriving at Anondale Technologies, one of the country's leading defense contractors.

Every night he returns to their happy Houston home, each day better than the last.
That is, until his older brother falls in with the wrong crowd and begins dealing drugs for one of the most notorious drug dealers in Texas. Despite Dirk's efforts to persuade him otherwise, his brother becomes a drug-pushing powerhouse among the city's nightlife. His success catches the attention of a rival organization, resulting in the brutal murder of a loved one.

Putting his entire life at risk, Dirk embarks on a dangerous quest to find a faceless killer. He transforms from a regular law-abiding citizen into a vigilante, and plunges into the seedy underbelly of the city in search of a ruthless kingpin known only as Ghost.

But the deeper Dirk goes, the darker it gets - and he must choose to salvage what is left of his life or risk everything he loves in pursuit of JUSTICE.

About the Author.

An up-and-coming professional actor, author, and film producer, Jon-Michael Foshee dedicates himself to the production of exciting films and enthralling novels. He has worked alongside some of the most well known actors of our time, and continues to pursue characters and production roles that will challenge and grow his career.
With a list of credits including films such as Jonah Hex, The Man Who Came Back, and Bright Ideas, Jon-Michael continually fights for projects to increase his knowledge and exposure in the industry, as well as bring more film productions to Houston and Texas.

Since an early age, Jon-Michael succeeded in the Dramatic Arts in high school and college, then entered the retail and business management industries. During this time he learned the importance of leading by example, corporate financial responsibilities, and gained a keen eye for detail and organization. After years of excelling in management yet still feeling unfulfilled, he finally realized his true calling and began to sink all his efforts into strengthening his acting skills. While working with a number of very talented artists, he branched out into writing and film production, creating a well-rounded foundation of filmmaking, storytelling, and acting skills.

Through these experiences he founded Boomtown Motion Pictures, LLC and Boomtown Publishing broadened his writing into both screenplays and novels, and worked his way up the production chain in positions such as casting, lighting, art department, first assistant director, and producer. With a combination of extensive management and leadership experience, coupled with a deep creative soul, Jon-Michael balances bankability with artistic integrity in each film and story he crafts.

Through years of cultivating his obsession for the entire storytelling process, Jon-Michael strives to create original, innovative films and novels that captivate the hearts and imagination of the public. His thirst for knowledge never quenched, he continues to delve deeper into every aspect of the entertainment industry, along with pouring every inch of himself into becoming the characters he portrays on screen.

Justice is his debut novel.

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"Absolutely un-putdownable! A gripping read from start to finish." JH Longmore